Employ the power of using basic HTML codes when creating web pages and posts in WordPress Content Management System

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One of the major questions asked when building a website or a blog using WordPress framework, is the question whether you need HTML or other languages knowledge to achieve this task.

So, I compiled a list of some questions and answers that will help clarifying this subject:

1-Can you build WordPress without HTML and does HTML codes have any function with CMS?

1-Yes you can, because WordPress is a CMS that enables you to build websites and blogs.

2-Basic HTML codes can help you modify the a webpage or a blog post.  This can be done without adding plug-ins and without buying new premium themes.

2-What is HTML and what role it plays nowaday?

1-HTML is the coding language used to build a basic webpage.  It was the first coding used for the web.

2-Nowadays, there are many programming languages besides HTML to add more functionalities for the web page.  Although, you can build a website without knowing any coding, it is still useful to know how to read the basic HTML.

3-What is WordPress and does it contain HTML codes besides the PHP programming?

1-Wordpress is a framework that enables you to build a website and a blog without using codes, or without any programming knowledge. Once you learn to use the dashboard; which is the administration of your website, you start to be productive.

2-PHP is related to the programming language of the database used by WordPress platform.  However, the HTML codes are still make up the web pages of your website and blog.

In addition to the HTML, there are other coding used to enhance a web page; such as, Javascript, CSS, and others.

4-What codes I use for this site and why?

1-Since I use the free 2016 theme provided with the webhosting of my website, it doesn’t come with all option I need, so I had to modify the code to be able to resize the fonts, change their type, highlight a text, and change the title color of a page.

5-Why do I learn basic HTML and refuse to learn CSS and Javascript?

1-I find HTML easy to understand and to use to do minor modifications.

2-CSS and Javascript are difficult to understand, because I am not a programmer and I find it inefficient to learn.

6-What resources for HTML codes?

1-I prefer the W3school that provides HTML coding explanations with other coding languages.


As a beginner, I never tried to learn more than the basics of HTML, when WordPress wasn’t around.  Nowadays, if you are a starter, I would encourage you to use a framework that enables you to build a website and a blog without any coding knowledge.

As you become more productive and need more options and flexibility, I advise you to learn some basic HTML coding.

Click here to receive the free pdf that answers 14 FAQ’s.




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