About Me

Hello, my name is George K. Chamoun, owner of this site.  I also, built few websites and tried to do lots of testing to find out what is a valid formula that anyone can follow to achieve possible success.

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This site is new and will be subject to some editing and more additions of pages and blog posts.

I am in the process of composing an ebook that shows the exact steps and details to follow, that I think are logical in order to test your business online.  Testing and failures are your way to success, only if you are persistent.

I have a passion of surfing the Internet and finding info that enhances my knowledge.  Since, anyone can use extra income to supplement their main income, I have been looking to determine of a way to make extra money.

From what I hear and review resources online and offline, it is possible to make extra money online.

I haven’t achieved any success of making any money; however, I am passionate about computer hardware, software, and the Internet and how it works.  This is why I keep trying certain tasks, and believe the way to success is plagued with failures.

Over the last decades, I acquired certain knowledge that enables me to provide an advise to beginners, who are trying to get a business online started.

I am persistent because, my education is enabling me to earn a limited income and I don’t see any big progress; this is why, I am always searching and trying certain tasks online.

In the process of gaining experience online, I like to share my knowledge with others who have common goals. I have created a simple ebook about my mistakes so you can avoid them.

I am here to help you build your first website, blog, or both.  It will be similar to the one you are looking at now.

I can only help you as a beginner if you want to build a simple website or a blog; that is, without any animations and all the bells and whistles of certain sites on the Internet.

I am not a programmer, copywriter, or web designer. However, I have been building simple webpages and doing research and testing online for the last 12 years.

During that period, I acquired some knowledge that enables me to help a beginner to build a simple website, like this one, “CreateYourWebsite101.com” that houses a blog besides the website.

To review some helpful info, there are two options:

1-visit the blog that has many tips about building your own website and blog, and keep checking for updates.

2-Join my feed at (WWW.Createyourwebsite101.com/feed) to receive updates about new blog posts or tips on how to build your first website or blog.

Please note that, this is only helpful if you are new to web design and Internet Marketing.

If you already have a website built, you might be familiar with the info on this website.


Click here to receive the free pdf that answers 14 FAQ’s.

You can contact me via the contact page, or email me at: george@CreateYourWebsite101.com



George K Chamoun