How to Integrate The Right Web Hosting, Domain Name, and Premium Theme to Build Your Website

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Blog, website, web hosting, and domain name?

What are these, you ask?

I asked the same questions 12 years ago, when I decided to get an online business started.

Read my story below:

That time (year 2002 I think), I came across a company called StoresOnline who held a seminar in Newark, NJ.  I was curious to get started and was amazed by their presentations.

I ended up buying a $ 3000 membership to get a website pre-designed established online and then paid 19$ / month for three years.

I got started, without any success.  Then, I started to learn to build a web page and modify websites, l learned Editing HTML,  then took a web design course.

All didn’t help. I achieved no success, but I was learning about web page, website, web hosting, domain name, and more elements.

Two years ago (2014), I kept hearing about WordPress without knowing what it is.

I thought it is a printing services, so I later realized that it is a Content Management System used to build websites and blogs.

It is suitable for beginners and advanced users who want to build a website or blog.

You can use it without any codes, or if you are advanced, you can modify certain codes.

I have been using it for two years and very happy with it.  I recommend it for anyone.

Since I like working on Websites, I documented some of the processes on here.  The resources are helpful for a beginner.

What You Read on this page so far is my experience.  Enough with that.

Why I am Telling you my Story?

I am giving you an idea on how difficult and expensive it was to have a website, and to establish a presence online.

Beside that, if you wanted to build a simple website, you had to learn so many programming languages, like HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript.  Even if you wanted to build a basic website.

Nowadays, building a website or blog is much easier:

Today, January, 16th 2017, you, others, and myself as a non-technical person can build a blog or a website with all the bells and the whistles.  You don’t even have to write one line of codes; although, some users learn coding to modify their websites.

But, as a beginner who wants to build a good site, no coding needed.

How is it possible to create your own website with NO experience?

The time when a web developer, programmer , and web designer were the only ones who can build a website, are gone.

Yes, the days are gone.  With the advent of technology, and the need to create more business, many software were built to make the job easier.

The way it is done, the software tools you use is the interface to the coding languages.

You can learn how to register a domain name, join a web hosting membership, and learn to install the scripts provided on your webhosting account.

But, you are thinking that is too much, right?

Yes, you are correct.  that is a lot to learn and do, web hosting, domain name, site builder, WordPress, and more.

Remember, you don’t learn all in one shot. There are 24 Hrs customer support with every web hosting provider.  They help you with your domain, installing scripts, and technical difficulties.

Learning and experience can be used forever?

Yes, you learn and apply what you gained.  You progress and you will have more confident when doing what you already know.

I can tell you about myself, I l know how to register a domain, join web hosting, install scripts, create business emails, and build a blog and a website.

I am not a professional web designer, not a programmer, or a copywriter.  However, I can get a message across.  I can build a website, like this one easily.

What Benefits can you get from this website?

1-You can visit the blog for a specific subject related to building your own website or blog.

2-You can submit your question by adding it to the comment boxes in the bottom of the page.  That will be on every blog post.  You can access the blog by visiting the navigation bar.

3-You can also, join the feed by visiting the blog post with title, “Receive the latest blog posts”.  By doing that, you can receive the blog posts without submitting your email to my website.

4-You can also, email my directly with any questions, or by using the contact me page.  I will try to help or direct you to other resources.  I will need 24-48 hours, because I am the only one who answers and work on this website.

Do you still have more questions about starting your website? Submit your question here.



George K. Chamoun.




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