Let Me Help You Establish The Elements Required To Start Building your Website or Blog: Domain Name, Web Hosting, Installing WordPress, and more…


Are you confused about the above terms? Blog, website, web hosting…

Do you want to start a blog or a website and not sure how and what you need?

I can help you by sharing my experience, so you can save time and other expenses that you don’t need in the beginning.

Many people like you ask the question, can you do it on your own, without using my help.  The answer is YES. You can do it on your own.

But, if you want to save time, it is wise to use someone experienced in what you are starting with.  Whether building a blog, website, or any other project.


Here How It Works:

Step-1: You register a domain name and a web hosting account with a web hosting provider.  You can choose anyone, but if you choose Ipage where I host this site, I can help you quicker because I am comfortable with the tools they provide.

I can help you for free because I get paid commission from the web hosting service.  This because I am an affiliate promoting their product.  But, keep in mind, that doesn’t change your price.  It will be the same.

You will be helping and I will help you.

Step-2: You send me the login and password you receive by email from the web hosting provider.  At this point, I will access your account and will install WordPress with the plug-ins that I installed on this site.

I will add a user name with your email to the installation process of WordPress.  Once the installation is completed, you will receive an email with your login and password to access WordPress to start building your site.

You can change the password later, so you will be the only one who can access the admin page of WordPress.

Step-3: You access the dashboard and start learning and using the tools to build you site.

What Do I provide you?

After you register your domain name and a web hosting account, and you email me the user name and password, I will do the following:

1-Install WordPress in the main directory.

2-Install the 2016 theme, like this website.

3-Create a navigation bar like the one you see on this site.

4-Add the following blank pages: Home, about us, contact us, blog, page 4, post 1, and post 2.

5-Create a navigation menu and attach the pages to it.

6-Install the necessary plug-ins.Wordpress in the main directory.

7-Install WordPress in the main directory.

Besides the above, you will have access to 24 hour support from your web hosting provider.  You can chat, call, or email them.

Support will help you in technical issues, billing, and any others you have.

How much your website will cost?

The cost depends on what hosting package you buy and for how many years you register your domain name and web hosting account.

Other elements that affect the cost are:

1-Adding a premium theme and plug-ins.

2-If you request advanced customization the requires programming and coding.

However, if you want to build the site and blog yourself without out sourcing, that is what I do, I can provide you with the cost of this website, “CreateYourWebsite101”.  Here are the cost and specs:

Domain name registration: $12-$24 per year.

Web Hosting Account with ipage: 40$ and up per year.

That is what I pay for this website.  As you can tell, it doesn’t have all the options, bells and whistles, and the graphics and forms.  That is all what I need for now.  In the future, I can add more.

For more details, access the blog and read about the above subjects.

If you are ready, contact me so we can discuss the details.  Use the contact page and provide some details and ask any question. Click Here.



George K. Chamoun

Date: 01-18-2017.