How to Enhance your WordPress Website and Blog with Themes and Plugins


What elements can you add to WordPress?

When you start using WordPress, you will find some limitations in what it does. The reason being its core programs lack lots of functionalities, features, and options that you will need as you become an advanced user.

In order to correct this issue, developers worldwide are always creating add-ons codes called themes and plugins.



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What are themes and Plugins?

A theme is a set of files that you install after WordPress platform is up and running.  The theme improves the appearance of your website and blog without changing the underlying WordPress programs.

That mean, you can change the themes different times and can revert to the original one you had before the change takes place.

For example, some themes allow you to change the page background color only, others let you change the color and the image or texture.

On the other hand, the plugins adds functionalities to your website and blog.  They make your tasks easier, more automated, and provide more options.  

For example, I wasn’t able to change the text fonts; once I added plugins related to the fonts, I was able to have the options to select and change the fonts type, size, and color easily.

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What themes and Plugins Should you use?

It depends on your website or blog and what are your searching for.  It In my case, I added a plugin for the fonts option, and another for the website statistics.  Some plugins are installed with WordPress for security and antispam reasons.

You must keep in mind that there are free themes and plugins, in addition to the premium that you pay fees for.  Some free plugins can work well for specific functions; others are limited in what they do unless you unlock the premium version.

Same applies for the themes, the free don’t have lots of option and functions.  But, they serve as a good option for a beginner who is testing the water to determine what kind of website they will decide on.

How to install a plugin?

From the admin area of your WordPress website, hover over the Plugins tab and choose the , “add new” option.  See the image below:

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Although every WordPress user has different needs for Plugins and themes, I have learned that:

You need to use both option the free and premium themes and plugins.  They compliment each other.  Not all free themes and plugins have all options you are searching for.

Also, you don’t want to pay for every plugin and theme you use.

In the beginning, learn to use WordPress as the core platform, the add the plugins you need as you proceed in building and using your website or blog.

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George K Chamoun