How To Analyze Your Website Stats Using the IP Address:

1Speedtest– this command will test your Internet connection speed; that is, the upload and download speed. You will see the result in the last 4 lines of the 9 line text, after executing the command.

2Ping hostname-Example: ping This command will test if you can reach a host on the Internet. Also, it tests if there is any packet lost while doing the test. It keeps running until you hit CTRL+Z to stop it. To find the result if there is loss of packet, you CTRL+ C. When you use CTRL+C, the terminal will display, the statistics of the test. If no packet was lost, it will display in the result 0 % packet loss. More info will be shown; such as the time of test and packet numbers sent and received.

3Netstat-(n is a small letter)- This command will display on the screen network connections, interface statistics, and more info including the routing.

4Traceroute– this command will print on the screen the packets trace to a host that you specify. For example, I typed, traceroute, and I can see the packet route between my computer and the mentioned domain name.

5-Nslookup– To find the DNS (Domain Name Servers) of a domain, use nslookup  -type=ns  hostname. For example, I typed this command and changed the “hostname” to “” and the system printed and I know those two are correct, because I setup the domain name myself.

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